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Comic Book Narrative at Yorkville Mansion Part I: Gumballs

Portrait of Henry Hall Manhattan Mutt

Logos Book Club Kill Your TV Reading Group and my Comic Book Reality Portraits and Narratives by Our Town

Portrait of Joel Gomez

The Wedding Portrait - Oil on Canvas circa 1987

Portrait of my dear friend Dr. Julia Ioffe

Which id to Fetch? Zodiac Portrait Series circa 2010

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Selfie as Comedy and Tragedy circa 1988

Portrait of Julie Wilson...Great Artist, Lifelong Mentor and Everlasting and Friend...Life is a Cabaret

Thomas Pryor Portrait at his Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Mona Lisa Revisited on Elizabeth Street in Little Italy NYC

Portraits in Primary

Self-Portrait at Pearl Paint Chinatown NYC

Portrait of Leena

Portrait of Elaine Stritch

Portrait of Dorian Gray at Logos Bookstore

Julie as Lady Arborea

Inscrutable Boo at Logos